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Data Engineer

Milwaukee, WI
• You thrive in any data environment:
o Cloud – we use AWS
o Someone who understands complex data and the challenges of accessing it
§ A real bottom-line person, not someone who throws terms like “big data” around because it’s popular
o Hadoop or traditional/relational databases make no difference to you
• You dream in code:
o SQL (seriously, SQL – not just SQL queries; impress us). Teach us something new, show us what you’ve got
o Python
o Scala
o Spark
• You know databases inside and out:
o Database concepts – indexes, execution engines, etc
o Database Administration experience (Redshift, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Oracle)
o You understand that databases are an integral part of being a Data Engineer
• You enjoy looking at and solving big picture problems:
o No micromanaging or hand-holding - you like to ask questions and devise a complete solution
o You want to understand the data (not only the pipes) and you can definitely perform some analytics and build dashboards because you like it. Yes really, because you do.
• You love learning new things:
o You know that you don’t know enough, and it bothers you that there isn’t enough time in the day to learn about the next topic.
o You’re up-to-date on new trends in data – you know who’s using what to solve various problems and are excited for the next release of your favorite tool
o If you like being thrown in the deep end of the pool, this team’s for you.
• You take it personally:
o You don’t sleep well at night when you leave work with a question unanswered
o You feel accountable for everything you do and that sense of urgency has been driving you your entire life

A Great Candidate Will Meet The Following Requirements
· 5+ years of experience in BI tools, particularly on Power BI
· 5+ years of work experience with ETL, data modeling and business intelligence big data architecture.
· 5+ years of experience in analyzing large data sets to build reports and dashboards for decision making.
· Experience in automated deployment, CICD
· Understand the nature of distributed systems design
· Preferred - Programming/Scripting/Query language: Java, Python, Apache Spark, SQL.
· Exceptionally self-motivated and directed
· Proven Analytical, evaluative and problem-solving capabilities.

Nice to have:
· Experience with traditional data marts/warehouses
· Experience working with AWS services like S3, EMR
· Experience with Apache Airflow
· 2+ years of experience in Spark Development, with knowledge on Databricks platform

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