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Test Engineer

Franklin, WI
What’s the role?
As a technical, hands-on Test Engineer, your job is to participate in the manual and automation testing of various web-based projects that integrate over various systems, including: cloud-based and on-prem proprietary applications, Microsoft Outlook, mobile applications, DocuSign, and complex API and service-based integrations.
You will be under the guidance of a Test Engineering Manager for a team with an already-established, mature testing process. Your role will be that of a “full-stack” Test Engineer - someone who has a strong appreciation and skill in manual/exploratory testing with the exceptional capability of writing automated and performance tests (time and training is allotted after hiring to learn our automation framework and language of choice – node.js).
Bring Your Best! What this role needs:
•            A self-starter! The entire company is currently working completely remotely, and learning will be challenging if you aren't able to ask questions and seek out the information you require to do your job.
•            Deep quality assurance experience and a passion for delivering high quality software.
•            Proven examples of building automation frameworks and scripts.
•            Working proficiency of at least one programming language.
•            Experience using Selenium (or similar open source testing tools).
•            Can move quickly and independently.  Everyone here is incredibly kind and extremely willing to share knowledge and a helping hand, but you have to be willing to take ownership of the outlined goals and make things happen.
•            4+ years of experience is required.
•            Needs to be comfortable with both manual and automation testing.
•            We work in a Mac environment, so having Mac experience is a plus but having the ability to adapt quickly will suffice.
Desirable skills for this role:
•            Understanding of Node.js, NPM Scripting, Selenium and Webdriver.io to work on our end-to-end, API and performance testing framework.
•            Understanding of Git version control including branch strategy. Familiarity with GitLab, GitLab CI, Docker and Jenkins for CI/CD is preferred but not required.
•            Familiarity with static code analysis, including JavaScript coding standards and linting of code. SonarQube, Checkmarks, or other static code analysis tooling experience is preferred but not required.
•            Ability and confidence to peer-review code for quality, cleanliness, and general best practices.
•            Understanding of client/server applications and microservice architecture, and the ability to test highly-complex integrated systems and data.
•            Experience with using Fiddler or Wireshark, Postman, Browser DevTools, CLIs. Any similar experience is acceptable for manual testing and analysis needing to be performed in the role.
•            Desire to work closely with an agile development team, but also collaborate regularly with other test engineers across projects to mature testing practices.

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