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Data Engineer

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We are a DataOps team looking for someone with modern stack knowledge that can help drive and implement new architecture, ETL, and visualization practices for our data and reporting platforms. This team is made up of individuals who are great at data visualization, but need guidance and coaching on modernizing the data movement and cloud architecture processes that were built many years ago.
What are the must haves for this role?
  • database expertise (many legacy databases we want to migrate to AWS)
  • Python expertise (we have many ETL processes built in SSIS, Webfocus, and in stored procedures that we would like to migrate off of)
  • Strong communication with technical experts and business experts
  • Not afraid to try new things and challenge others to do the same
  • API knowledge (be able to call APIs and build APIs)
What are the nice to haves for this role?
front end development skills (React)
Power Platform knowledge

Description:   •  You thrive in any data environment:
o             Cloud – we use AWS
o             Someone who understands complex data and the challenges of accessing it
             A real bottom-line person, not someone who throws terms like “big data” around because it’s popular
o             Hadoop or traditional/relational databases make no difference to you
•             You dream in code:
o             SQL (seriously, SQL – not just SQL queries; impress us).  Teach us something new, show us what you’ve got
o             Python
o             Scala
o             Spark
•             You know databases inside and out:
o             Database concepts – indexes, execution engines, etc
o             Database Administration experience (Redshift, MySQL/PostgreSQL)
o             You understand that databases are an integral part of being a Data Engineer
•             You enjoy looking at and solving big picture problems:
o             No micromanaging or hand-holding - you like to ask questions and devise a complete solution
o             You want to understand the data (not only the pipes) and you can definitely perform some analytics and build dashboards because you like it.  Yes really, because you do.
•             You love learning new things:
o             You know that you don’t know enough, and it bothers you that there isn’t enough time in the day to learn about the next topic.
o             You’re up-to-date on new trends in data – you know who’s using what to solve various problems and are excited for the next release of your favorite tool
o             If you like being thrown in the deep end of the pool, this team’s for you.
•             You take it personally:
o             You don’t sleep well at night when you leave work with a question unanswered
o             You feel accountable for everything you do and that sense of urgency has been driving you your entire life
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