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Software Engineer

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
As a Software Engineer you will develop integrated solutions, modernizing, consolidating and coordinating independently-designed applications to meet business needs. The Software engineer will have a variety of accountabilities from development, to working with brokered teams, vendors, business partners, which allows for building relationships in a team setting.
Minimum of 3 years of experience required due to job requirements. Modernizing the application stack will include working with C# and .NET applications to eliminate the stack and move away from customized applications.
Please provide a description of how this role fits into the organization and your team  
There is a number of customized applications used to build and deploy applications, the dependency on these applications is limiting our ability to eliminate legacy application dependencies. Bringing in an engineer to help eliminate the applications.
What are the must haves for this role?  
C# and previous experience modernizing and eliminating applications
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