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Electrical Engineer for Instrumentation and Control

Wilmington, NC
 •    Part-time work initially – up to 50% in first 3-4 Months, then may increase linearly to 100% in next 3-4 Months.
•    Onsite presence, both planned and emergent, maybe as low as 50%.

Senior Engineer – Plant I&C System Design:

Qualifications / Requirements:
•    Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Nuclear, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science or Technology, Electrical, Software or Systems Engineering or equivalent 4 year technical degree
•    15 years of experience with solid skill and knowledge of design, requisition, or field engineering related or similar to one or a combination of BWR "core" control and monitoring functions and systems including;
o    reactor protection system, OR
o    engineered safety functions and auxiliary system, OR
o    standby liquid control system, OR
o    diverse protection system, OR
o    leak detection and isolation system, OR
o    nuclear boiler system, OR
o    fuel and auxiliary pool cooling system, OR
o    reactor water cleanup and shutdown cooling system, OR
o    gravity driven cooling system, OR
o    isolation condenser system, OR
o    reactor component closed cooling water, OR
o    steam bypass and pressure control system, OR
o    feedwater control system, OR
o    steam turbine auxiliary systems, OR
o    plant service water, OR
o    instrument air compressors, OR
o    AC or DC electric load groups, OR
o    standby and ancillary diesel generators, OR
o    HVAC, OR
o    plant automation system, OR
o    condition monitoring system
•    15 years of experience with solid skill and knowledge of plant process control using applicable techniques [e.g.; proportional-integral-derivative (PID), cascade, feed forward, 1, 2, and 3 sensor element, ladder logic, sequential function]
•    10 years of experience with current US nuclear laws, rules, regulations, guidance, positions, memorandum, notices, bulletins, items, etc. [e.g.; RG, NUREG, BTP, ISG, SRM, RIN, TMI]
•    10 years of experience with IEEE Std. 603, 7-4.3.2, 828, 829, 830, 1008, 1012, 1028, 1042, 1074, etc.
•    10 years of experience with excellent PC as well as productivity software [e.g.; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio]
•    5 years of knowledge, skill, or experience with application, requisition, or field engineering on Digital control system (DCS) Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) used in implementations involving complex, real-time operating systems involving software intensive instrumentation, data acquisition, control, monitoring, automation, robotic, scientific experimental or technology demonstrator systems in industries such as; nuclear, power, process, marine, oil & gas, military, aerospace, medical, or pharmaceutical

Additional Desired Characteristics:
•    Master of Science in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics or equivalent 4 year technical degree
•    Professional Engineer – Control Systems by National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)
•    PMI/PMP certified or proven project management experience
•    Senior Reactor Operator (SRO)
•    Experience with various quality standards; NQA-1, AS9000, ISO9000
•    Experience in DCS, or PLC application, deployment and support engineering of complex, high reliability, harsh environment, real time operating digital systems preferably microprocesso
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