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Patient Transporter

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Date Posted: 12-24-2018
  • Responsible for the movement of patients and various other items throughout.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Be able to maintain average of 2.0 jobs an hour in teletracking system.
  • Utilizes Teletracking system appropriately to place transport jobs in progress and notify dispatchers of any delays in patient transport.
  • Also included completing jobs in the appropriately track. Regularly check Teletracking system for available jobs. 
  • Monitors patients during transports that are with or without life supportive systems to insure safe and timely transportation.
  • Maintain patient safety by checking 2 patient identifiers (name and birthdate) before transporting patient.
  • Notify nurse and Health Unit Coordinator of arrival and departure of patients and sign patients in and out of inpatient hospital units. 
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the dispatcher and/or supervisor as they pertain to the department such as delivering ICU beds to operating rooms and supporting the lobby areas.
  • Transports specimens within the facility and delivers to stat lab or as directed.
  • Monitor oxygen levels in the hospital and replace tanks as needed/requested.
  • Monitors life support equipment to assure equipment is functioning properly and reports any malfunctioning equipment to appropriate personnel. 
  • Maintain corridor obstruction during downtime to ensure equipment is being place in proper location after use.
  • Performs non-patient transport assignments as directed such as infection control (wiping down wheelchairs and stretchers). 
  • Follows code procedures and established department and hospital policies in the event the patient needs medical assistance and/or equipment is malfunctioning. Responds in timely manner to rapid response/Code 4 emergency situations throughout .
American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider (BLS) or an AHA approved equivalent is required within 90 days of hire.
High School diploma or equivalent is required.
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