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HMIS Engineer

Location: Wilmington, NC
Date Posted: 10-17-2018
This is a specialized scientific or technical skillset often associated with industrial engineering and psychology. HF HMIS professionals are associated with the systems engineering of large, complex, and computer controlled machines or facilities such as; nuclear power plants, weapons systems, man space flight vehicles or station, airplane cockpits, automotive interiors, etc.
Qualifications / Requirements:
•             Bachelor's degree in Human Factors Engineering, Engineering Psychology, Ergonomics, Human-Computer Interaction, or related science
•             8 years of cumulative and diverse experience in the human factors science, analysis, assessment, design, development, and deployment within a highly-regulated industry [e.g., aviation, medical, nuclear], in the context of process control related industries [e.g.; Process, Power, Marine], and on large scale integrated product {or project} development teams (IPDT) which are preferably multi- company based. This experience should involve systems and equipment that in the nuclear industry are characterized as; 1) safety-related [Safety Class 1], 2) Regulatory Treatment of Non- Safety Systems (RTNSS) [Safety Class 2], or 3) Non-Critical Support to Safety Systems [Safety Class 3]. This experience should encompass a reasonable combination of the following two (2) primary focal areas:
•             3-5 years’ experience related to the HF aspects of human-system interfaces including modern human-machine interface (HMI) computer based display approaches, methods, or techniques using modern digital based design, processes, controls, and tools [e.g.; software]
•             3-5 years’ experience related to the human factors aspects of anthropometries or physical workplace design including modern computer based control facilities. These facilities may range from main, remote, and local control rooms, stations, or panels. The panels may range from wide display, operator, supervisory, or maintenance.
Summary / Purpose:
Human Factors (HF) Human-Machine Interface Systems (HMIS) Engineer is a cognitive and anthropometric expert performing a variety of tasks; assessment, analysis, design, development, deployment, verification and validation (V&V), integration, and technical project engineering (TPE) including work planning, scheduling, and oversight on a multi-tiered, multi- supplier, international nuclear power plant (NPP) project. Focus is on; allocation of functions (AOF), control room, panels, and physical layouts, and digital control systems (DCS) software generated displays.
Essential Responsibilities:
•             Provide in-depth expertise of physical and cognitive capabilities and limitations, applicable human factors (HF) design and evaluation practices as well as principles, guidelines, and standards.
•             Provide teaching, mentoring, technical oversight, and supplier audits for HF work products and practices and ensure conformance to UK, US, and international standards and good practice.
•             Produce technical documents, procedures, and test plans, procedures, and methods that support and facilitate a top-down process.
•             Create and administer detailed work plans and integrated schedules for self, team, and suppliers including being responsible for coordinating across engineering disciplines and suppliers to ensure deliverables are produced on-spec., on-budget, and on-time.
•             Develop testing scenarios based on operational conditions sampling methodology, ensuring scenarios adequately address operator workload, situation awareness, and the potential for cognitive errors.
•             Perform human engineering discrepancy (HED) or issue identification, tracking, resolution, and report generation.
•             Lead development of performance-based, man-in-the-loop testing and integrated system validation procedures, methodology, and tools.
•             Develop and implement a multi-dimensional sampling strategy to create testing scenarios that provide a representative sample of operational conditions.
•             Work closely with Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) to ensure plant process models are provided with sufficient fidelity and real-time performance to support HF scenarios.
•             Conduct post-test human performance data collection, processing, and both quantitative [statistical] and qualitative analysis to determine if procedures, training, and integrated system support safe operation.
•             Lead ergonomic evaluations of designs using population-appropriate anthropometric data, mock-ups, and 3-D models.
•             Champion and use requirements management to show compliance and traceability from HF documents to applicable regulations and standards.
•             Lead planning, implementation, and oversight of HF specific processes and assessments [e.g.; cognitive and physical workload, situation awareness, ergonomic, HMI, V&V].
•             Support overall HF program development and integration with other disciplines for detailed design development.
•             Perform UK design basis of safety case (BoSC), As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP), and Optioneering studies to; provide justification of HF design decisions, represent HF in design reviews; perform HF reviews and assessments of supplier work products.
•             Drive standard work with; plan, schedule, scope definition, work processes, controls, and tools.
•             Prepare work authorizations, detailed level 5 work plans, schedules, and performance reports.
•             Lead day-to-day operations to deliver with high “Say-Do” ratio.
•             Establish and maintain close, responsive, productive and quality working relationships within and between team members, engineering, support functions, business project management and customers' engineers and plant staff to successfully drive project completion and resolve emergent issues.
•             Support business development – Prepare technical bid proposals and change orders.
•             Prepare learning sessions for knowledge capture and transfer.
•             Stay current on regulations, standards, operating experience, lessons learned, and best practices.
Additional Desired Characteristics:
•             Master’s Degree or higher in Human Factors Engineering, Engineering Psychology, Ergonomics, Human-Computer Interaction, or related science
•             Registered Professional Human Factors Engineer
•             Knowledge in regulatory affairs and licensing processes [US NRC, UK ONR, IAEA] including guides, technical positions, bulletins, information notices, etc. Experience with NUREG-0700, -0711, and -0800.
•             PMI/PMP certified with project management experience.
•             Experience in nuclear design process, controls & tools infrastructure; independent verification and validation, requirements, change, configuration, software, and document management systems
•             Experience with 3D modeling software and ergonomic evaluation software programs [Halden CREATE VR]
•             Experience with HMI wireframe and design tools [Tecnatom Teamsuite and Teamfactors]
•             Experience with usability testing methodology and software [Morae]
•             Experience with statistical analysis methodology and software [SPSS, Minitab, SAS]
•             Experience with modern digital or distributed control systems [GE Mark-VIe/ControlST, CIMPLICITY, Westinghouse/Emerson CommonQ, Ovation, & DeltaV, Schneider Electric Foxboro & Triconex Siemens System7 & Teleperm]
•             Clear Thinker – Insightful, analytical, detailed, balanced, results oriented, and team based
•             Able to envision creatively, think strategically, plan pragmatically into deliverables, decompose complexity in to simple and logical steps, define assumptions, act quickly, learn, and iterate
•             Experience in ownership and responsibility for scoping, planning, scheduling, budgeting, action tracking, prioritization, monitoring, corrective actions, and results
•             Self-starter with energy, positive “Can-Do” attitude and inclusive style – Track record of; defining stretch goals, delivering on commitments, producing quality deliverables on spec., on budget, and on schedule in a fast-paced environment
•             Embrace working in a large, diverse, multi- company team based environment.
•             Solid technical writing skills with focus on requirements, design, and description documents
•             Experience with requirements management and tools [e.g.; DOORS / IBM]
•             Strong verbal communication as well as facilitation and presentation skills for technical and business audiences – Able to communicate complex topics, openly, calmly, and crisply in stressful situations with diverse community of; engineers and technicians, business leaders and project managers, auditors, regulators, and customers
•             Adaptive, able to quickly learn and function within and across diverse organizational interfaces with professional astuteness and agility
•             Continuous improvement “mindset” with an ability to identify, influence, and implement better ways to do an activity or process
•             Solid PC as well as personal and team productivity software [e.g.; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio]
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